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Understaffing in Nursing Homes

One of the Biggest Contributing Factors to Abuse & Neglect

According to reports, understaffing is one of the biggest contributing factors to abuse and neglect in nursing homes across the country. Most nursing homes are owned and operated by for-profit corporations. Like any other for-profit company, they are concerned with pleasing shareholders and keeping costs of business low. As we often say, they place profits over patients.

Nursing turnover and understaffing is a major burden in providing adequate care to residents. Staff stretched too thin are unable to ensure residents are fed properly, cleaned, given the correct medications, assisted when moving around, and socialized. In the same way, it can be a contributing factor to abuse, as an overworked staff member may be more inclined to act abusively to patients within the nursing home. According to recent federal reports, more than 91% of nursing homes have staffing levels below the minimal necessary threshold. That means 9 out of 10 facilities are understaffed.

Reasons for Understaffing Nursing Homes

One of the biggest reasons for a nursing home to be understaffed is for the facility to save on money and turn a bigger profit. Perhaps this is why studies have almost unanimously concluded that for-profit nursing homes do not deliver better care than not-for-profit facilities. Unfortunately, two-thirds of U.S. nursing homes are for-profit facilities owned by investors. Because profit is a primary concern, it can get in the way of providing the best possible care for residents—meaning they are placing profits over patients.

Other reasons for an understaffed facility include:

  • Difficulty finding properly trained staff
  • Difficulty retaining employees leading to high turnover

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