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Sepsis in Nursing Homes

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Sepsis is a life-threatening inflammatory response to an infection. It occurs when the body releases chemicals into the blood to fight the infection, and these chemicals trigger body-wide inflammation. This then causes a ripple effect, damaging vital organs, blocking nutrients, and creating blood clots.

Sepsis is especially common in elderly nursing home patients, as they already have a weak immune system. If it does not receive immediate treatment, the patient can go into septic shock, which causes extremely low blood pressure and organ failure that may lead to death. The risk of going into septic shock is heightened for individuals with diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, and more.

Three Stages of Sepsis

Most medical professionals believe that sepsis occurs in three separate stages:

  • First Stage – This is characterized by a fever above 101.3 degrees or below 95 degrees Fahrenheit, a heart rate of 90+ beats per minute, and respiration rate of 20+ breaths per minute.
  • Second Stage – This is known as severe sepsis and is characterized by difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, abnormal heartbeat, decrease in urine, and rapid change in mental state.
  • Third Stage – The third stage of sepsis is septic shock. Once a patient enters this stage, it can be difficult for a healthcare professional to restore their blood pressure.

Should the patient progress through the first two stages, they will go into septic shock. Once a patient has entered into this stage, it can be difficult for a healthcare professional to restore their blood pressure.

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All too often, nursing home patients suffer sepsis because of an infected bedsore that was not properly treated. It can also occur from bacteria entering an open wound, catheter, or IV site. If you have reason to believe that nursing home abuse or neglect caused your loved one to suffer from sepsis or septic shock, get in touch with Pintas & Mullins immediately. We have 50+ years of collective legal experience and have recovered millions on behalf of our clients. Our Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers will fight to protect the best interests of your loved one and hold negligent parties accountable for injuries they cause.

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