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Elderly Malnutrition in Nursing Homes

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When you have a loved one in a nursing home, you are trusting they will receive the proper care and attention that they deserve. Too often, residents are not adequately nourished and hydrated in these facilities. This can lead to severe vitamin deficiencies and related health problems.

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Symptoms of Elder Malnutrition

Common physical symptoms of malnourishment include:

  • Patient’s mouth turning a bright shade of red or developing canker sores
  • Thrush or yeast infection leading to white patches on cheeks / tongue
  • Muscle deterioration and fatigue caused by simple tasks
  • Red, glassy eyes, swollen corneas, or worsened vision
  • Yellowing, dull, or heavily-wrinkled skin
  • Whitening of the skin beneath the fingernails
  • Severe difficulty thinking clearly

In addition, patients suffering from malnutrition may experience severe difficulties with thinking clearly.

Nursing Home Neglect Leading to Malnutrition

Often, resident malnutrition and dehydration can be directly attributed to the actions of nursing home staff—whether deliberately abusive, negligent, or overlooked simply because of understaffing. While malnourishment and dehydration are always dangerous, they are even more serious with the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Malnutrition can cause infection, immobility, bedsores, falls, worsening of chronic conditions like diabetes, and premature death.

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