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Elderly Choking & Dysphagia

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Many residents of nursing homes suffer from respiratory systems conditions, which makes it difficult for them to breathe on their own. For these types of patients, mealtimes are especially dangerous—a time when nursing home staff should be constantly monitoring or physically assisting the patient.

Suffocation is entirely preventable. If a patient has a known respiratory problem, preventative steps should be taken to protect them; for example, their food should be cut up into small bites or they should only be given soft foods. Staff should also be vigilant in watching them during meal times to protect them from choking.

Unfortunately, many facilities suffer from understaffing issues and meals become a process of just handing out the food instead of giving the attentive care that residents deserve. This can not only lead to issues related to malnutrition and dehydration, but it can also lead to patients who suffer from severe choking incidents. Choking can lead to injuries to the brain, as well as other serious medical complications.

If your loved one has choked while staying in a nursing home, call our Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers right away. We can pursue compensation for you!

Clogged Breathing Tubes

Similar to choking, nursing home patients can also suffer from clogged breathing tubes. Many residents rely entirely on respiratory devices to breathe properly. Such residents are vulnerable to severe injuries and require constant monitoring and device cleaning to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, that does not always occur, causing clogging or damage to tubing devices. If a breathing tube becomes clogged oxygen is cut off from the brain, leading to severe, permanent brain damage or even death.

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