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When your parents or loved ones get older, they need special care that may be difficult to provide. You may have your own children to look after, have full time jobs, or are tied with other responsibilities. That is why many of us make the important decision to send our loved ones to a nursing home, where they will receive the best care. At least that is what we hope. Unfortunately, elder abuse is all too common.

According to national statistics, there is an average of 3.2 million residents in nursing homes. Of that number, every one in ten residents reported to being abused in their nursing homes. Because of their fragile mental and aging health, senior citizens are easy targets for those who wish to cause pain. At Pintas & Mullins Law Firm, we believe those who take advantage of the powerless and cause harm should be held accountable. That is why we dedicate our time and efforts in representing elders who have been mentally, physically, or financially abused.

Founded in 1985, Pintas & Mullins Law Firm has spent the last 30+ years helping individuals of nursing home abuse. We utilize compassion and clarity when working with clients. We get to know your story and the details of your case, so that they become our story. Your pain is our pain and it drives us to work harder for you. We also communicate each step of the legal process with you, so that you are aware of what is happening.

Our elder abuse attorneys know the grief and anger that comes when a loved one is harmed. Remember that this is not your fault. The blame lies with the nursing home, management, and staff who failed to uphold their obligations to the care of the seniors. They should be held accountable. Call today to schedule a free consultation and begin your journey to recovery.