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Colorado, Missouri Employees Accused of Sexual Assault

Nursing home injury lawyers at Pintas & Mullins report that two men, in Colorado and St. Louis, Missouri, respectively, were recently arrested for sexually assaulting elderly residents of nursing homes. The St. Louis man is accused of assaulting one woman at Bethesda Meadow and another at Sunrise Living, while the Colorado man was employed at Broomfield Skilled Nursing at the time of his arrest.

A warrant has been issued for the Missouri man, who reportedly confessed to the sexual assaults on religious grounds. He confessed to the crimes to then-employer, Odyssey Hospice, where he was employed as a licensed clinical social worker.

The investigation began in January 2013, with the combined efforts of the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services and the Aliceville Police Department. The abuse occurred at Bethesda Meadow nursing home in Aliceville, against an 80-year-old woman with dementia.

The abuse in Chesterfield occurred between January 1 and 16, 2013, at Sunrise Living while an elderly resident was being bathed. Aliceville police sergeant stated the crimes are “shocking,” however, the man plans to plead not-guilty. The accused posted $5,000 bail and was released from St. Louis County jail earlier this month pending grand jury.

The Colorado sexual assault occurred in July 2013 at the Broomfield Skilled Nursing Facility. The 41-year-old man was recently arrested on charges of sexual assault and crimes against vulnerable adults. The first victim, a 59-year-old, was admitted to the facility to recover from a recent hip surgery. She told police that the man climbed into bed with her one night in July and had non-consensual sex with her, as she was too weak to push him away.

Broomfield Skilled Nursing did report the incident to local police, however, allowed the man to continue working at the facility because the resident had a history of confusion and “altered mental status.” The second assault occurred in mid-August 2013, while the man was helping a 73-year-old resident use the bathroom.

The accused told police that working at the nursing home “turned him on,” and admitted to sexually assaulting of both victims. Both victims stated that the man acted professionally until the incidents occurred, though he said he was too embarrassed to continue aiding them after the incidents.

The Broomfield facility’s administrator failed to say whether a background check was conducted on the man before he was hired in January 2013. He was actively working at the facility as a certified nursing assistant at the time of his arrest.

Meanwhile, Families for Better Care recently released its national study of the best and worst states for elderly care, and Oklahoma ranked 48th, with an “F” rating. Elder activists state that such a poor rating represents the presence of rapes, sexual assaults, and abuse in Oklahoma nursing homes. Eleven other states received “F” ratings, including Texas, New York, Illinois, and Missouri.

As a result of the poor report card, activists in Oklahoma are urging lawmakers to act quickly in order to protect the state’s elderly. One state Representative, Richard Morissette, spearheaded an effort for an interim study which would examine the exact problems reported by nursing home residents in Oklahoma, however, House Speaker T.W. Shannon recently denied the study.

Nursing home abuse lawyers at Pintas & Mullins will continue to report on employee assaults and arrests and reports on national nursing home problems. If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury from abuse or neglect at a nursing home, you have important legal rights, and may be entitled to significant compensation for any medical bills and emotional distress.