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Resident Rape Reported in Philadelphia Home Care Facility

There are some serious examples of nursing home neglect that the public should be aware of. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse continues to be a trend that is still very common in the U.S. According to an article published in the Pittsburgh Business Times, a 37-bed personal care home faced a possible licensing downgrade and fines for the reported rape of an inmate. The incident was the second case of sexual abuse reported in three months at this type of facility involving residents with mental health issues or a criminal past.

Department of Public Welfare (DPW) records reveal that the offender was admitted to the care home in April. A month later, this resident was blamed for thrusting another resident to the floor of a bathroom where the assault took place. The assaulted resident called for help all through the incident but, no one heard the cries.

DPW recently cited the care home for failing to take the necessary steps to take in a resident known to be violent and with psychiatric issues. Interestingly, despite earlier charges of serious crime, the care home indicated that the inmate had no aggression issues and was not in need of supervisory care. The facility was also cited for not making suitable preparations before admitting a resident with a known past of depression, anxiety and hallucinations.

Nursing Home Owner Commits Healthcare Fraud and Neglects Residents

An article published on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) website early this year reveals that the owner of three Georgia nursing homes pocketed much of the Medicaid and Medicare payments he received, to the point of cruel neglect of the care homes and their residents.

The inhospitable conditions that the elderly residents had to face for several years included growing heaps of trash in dumpsters, rodents and flies all over the place, a hot environment or poor air conditioning, unchecked mildew and mold, and roofs that leaked so bad that plastic sheets and barrels were used to catch rain water.

In order to get Medicaid and Medicare payments, the man agreed to give his residents medical care and healthy meals and provide them with a hygienic and safe environment. However when residents and their loved ones started making complaints, it was obvious that the man had no intention of carrying out his promise. The complaints led the FBI to carry out an investigation and finding the man guilty as charged. This was a “precedent-setting case” because it was the first time a defendant received a federal conviction sentence for submitting worthless payment claims.

The guilty party apparently received Medicaid and Medicare payments amounting to over $32.9 million. Instead of giving his employees and residents what they deserved, the man and his wife splurged the payments on new homes and furniture, hotel real estate investments, caretakers for their child, vacations and more.

In addition to inhospitable conditions, other serious deficiencies were noticed in the care homes. These included inadequate staffing and non-payment to the vendors who supplied food or provided laboratory or pharmaceutical services, trash disposal, medical waste clearance and nursing supplies.

If you suspect nursing home abuse or nursing home fraud with respect to elderly loved ones, it is best to document the abuse and contact an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer at Pintas & Mullins as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.