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Woman Who Stole Thousands from Nursing Home Residents on the Run

Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm sympathize with the families of elderly victims of inhumane nursing home neglect. Such an incident recently occurred in Florida, where a woman masqueraded as a nurse and took advantage of elderly nursing home residents in two counties. The woman reportedly dressed in scrubs, snuck into the nursing home, and got away with a 92-year-old man’s credit card, identification card and Social Security number.

According to police, the woman committed the same crime again in another county in Florida. She used part of the stolen money to go on a $4000 shopping spree at Target. The police released photos of the accused and the man she was with that were taken by store surveillance cameras. She’s still on the run.

Another Florida nursing landed on a national watch list of problem nursing facilities. This is because of the large number of violations associated with it. One serious complaint against the care home involved a sexual assault by a member of staff on a resident.

One of the residents at the home claims that she saw a helper sexually exploit her roommate early this year. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said that the nursing home did not conduct a probe into the accusation and therefore put all the residents of the home at immediate risk.

The nursing home can no longer take in any new patients on Medicare or Medicaid until inspectors are convinced that improvements were made. They plan to conduct investigations twice as often at this facility than at other nursing homes.

In fact, at least six nursing homes in Florida are on the hall of shame nursing home list, which shows how serious the problems are. The problems, however, are not just limited to Florida.

A recent news item revealed that a North Texas family is taking legal action after getting hold of a video recording which they claim is evidence that nursing home staffers abused their mother.

The 83-year old victim suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and was in need of continuous care. However, her family started to get suspicious when they saw that she was scared and tried to keep herself away from anyone attempting to embrace her. Moreover, she had unaccountable bruises on her body. The family believed that the hidden camera they fixed in her room would provide an explanation for this behavior.

The video showed abusive behavior on the part of the nursing home staff, something one never expects from people you trust your loved ones with. The video shows the staff pinching the woman’s leg, pushing her head and tugging at her hair.