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Nursing Home Workers Picket in Attempt to Raise Quality of Care

Illinois nursing home neglect lawyers strongly support efforts to improve the level of care provided in nursing homes. According to a recent article in the Sacramento Bee, about 2,000 Illinois nursing home workers joined in simultaneous pickets at 50 different homes in the state. Many of them held signs urging their employers to make residents the topmost priority and invest more money in resident care.

As a licensed practical nurse at one of the Chicago area nursing homes explained, understaffing is a serious problem at local facilities. This means that residents are unable to get the standard of care and attention they deserve because employees are spread too thin. Extreme workloads are tiring out caregivers before they can deliver the quality of care that residents deserve. The workers claim that constant short-staffing, high rates of worker turnover, and a shortage of sufficient supplies are affecting the quality of care they can provide.

Although many nursing homes strive to deliver quality care, unfortunately, vulnerable residents continue to suffer. A nursing home lawsuit can help victims of nursing home negligence and abuse. Recently, the family of a 90-year-old nursing home resident who was killed by a falling cabinet in her nursing home received a huge settlement. A WABC investigation revealed that the cabinet was not properly installed.

Nursing home staffers claimed that it was a freak accident, and the first of its kind at the home. However, further investigation uncovered two other similar incidents of residents who were severely harmed by falling cabinets.

The victim’s attorney found that the cabinet maker actually had the warning label taken off all of the 360 newly fitted cabinets. The label warned installers to use anchoring devices in order to firmly attach the cabinets to the wall, which did not happen until the latest deadly fall.

The county that owns the facility and the cabinet maker jointly paid close to $1 million to the victim’s family to compensate them for the gross negligence of the nursing home. Additionally, the head of the nursing home was terminated and the county was fined $17,000 for endangering resident safety and health.

In the latest inspection by the Department of Health and Human Services at the nursing home, at least 10 deficiencies were found. These included failure to make sure that the environment did not have any known, existing problems that could cause an accident.