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Nursing Assistant Sentenced for Stealing Rings from Elderly Residents

Our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys are warning the public about certain elder care homes where caretakers are stealing belongings from their patients. Take the recent case of a 24-year-old veteran’s care center nursing assistant who sold stolen jewelry from residents in exchange for drugs.

The woman told a judge that she developed an addiction to prescription painkillers after a gallbladder surgery years ago. So she pawned four wedding bands that were stripped from the fingers of residents under her care in order to satisfy her drug addiction. The judge sentenced her to five years in prison.

Details surrounding the thefts are unclear, because at least 3 of the elderly victims suffered from dementia. However, it appears that family members noticed bruises on the fingers of the powerless victims where their wedding bands used to be.

The judge said that the nursing assistant violated her duty to the residents in a horrific way and forbid her from ever working in a nursing type position again. The rings sold for approximately $405, but the sentimental and symbolic value of the rings is inestimable.

Ring Stolen from 101-Year-Old Woman

Another similar news story revealed that a 101- year-old woman was robbed while she was sleeping in her nursing home bed. Two employees came in and stole the woman’s ring right off her finger.

It all came to light when the victim’s niece received a disturbing phone call from the Oklahoma nursing home. She arrived at the care home after the phone call and noticed that both her aunt’s wrists were wrapped in bandages, which seemed strange to her. It appeared as though someone had pinned her down. The niece then realized that the ring was missing and started asking questions.

The niece said she visited her aunt practically every day and there were never any other issues. Although her aunt was not always vigilant, she had enough quickness of mind that she would likely recognize if someone took a ring from her finger.

Following the interrogation of all the nurses on duty and an analysis of surveillance video, investigators tied two employees to the theft. The ring was eventually located in a pawn shop.

Woman Arrested on Charges of Stealing Money from Residents
Recently, Chicago Tribune reported the arrest of a 37-year-old woman on charges of stealing money from the residents of an assisted-living facility. The woman worked at the facility as a house manager. She apparently stole close to $9,000 from the residents.

Authorities contended that the woman gained access to a safe at the care home, where she seized some of the resident’s ATM cards. According to prosecutors, the woman allegedly utilized the cards many times over a three-year-period to withdraw money from the victim’s bank accounts.

Nursing home abuse lawyers at Pintas & Mullins understand the hurt and anger that you may feel when a nursing home employee violates your trust or the trust of a loved one. Nursing home employees have a duty to care for residents and take precautions to ensure their safety. When this duty is violated, a