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Former Nursing Home Bookkeeper Sent to Prison for Stealing From Residents

Increasing reports of nursing home abuse and neglect are a major cause of concern, especially for vulnerable nursing home residents and their families. Our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers warn of a recent incident in South Carolina where a nursing home employee seriously violated the trust of innocent residents.

Court records reveal that the nursing home bookkeeper cashed military veteran’s tax and social security checks and used the money on herself. In total, the employee stole about $441,000 from the residents over the course of four years.

The bookkeeper tried to hide the thefts by making adjustments to the nursing home residents’ bank accounts. She also failed to report the stolen funds on her tax returns, resulting in an additional debt to the government of more than $65,000.

Fortunately, the nursing home residents will be able to recover their money from a bonding company, who the woman was ordered to pay. She also has to reimburse the IRS for the theft.

Kirotv.com is reporting a similar case of nursing home negligence, where a 25-year-old nursing home employee stole from a group of elderly residents in Washington. She even stole cash right out of the pocket of a 99-year-old resident under her care.

This is just one of at least six thefts that happened at the nursing home over a six-month period. Residents reportedly made several complaints to nursing home management, but their complaints went unanswered.

Investigators said that when police confronted the accused, she confessed to at least three of the thefts, including the theft involving the 99-year-old man. Her arrest helped ease the fears of nursing home residents, who felt anxious and vulnerable as a result of the thefts.

In Texas, a nursing home employee actually stole a funeral urn with the ashes of resident’s deceased husband inside! According to nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. Other common forms of nursing home neglect and abuse to watch out for include bed sores, sexual abuse, and physical attacks by employees or residents.