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Connecticut Nursing Home Aide Commits Near Fatal Attack on Resident

Although many nursing homes provide the type of quality care that residents deserve, others continue to put the safety and health of some of society’s most vulnerable members at risk. A clear example of nursing home abuse happened recently in Connecticut, where a young nursing home aide assaulted an 84-year-old resident.

According to police, the nursing home aide broke the elderly resident’s finger and fractured his face because she was mad that he soiled himself and spread feces all over the room just before her shift ended. The injuries were so severe that they were almost deadly. The man hit his face on the bed rail, and his entire face was swollen and bruised so badly that plastic surgery may be needed. Even more concerning is the fact that the resident takes a blood thinner, so the attack could have caused him life-threatening internal bleeding.

The aide reportedly knew that she hurt the man severely, but believed that he wouldn’t report it because he suffers from dementia. The victim’s son actually reported the incident, after his father told him what happened.
After repeated requests, a medical professional finally examined the elderly resident and sent him to the emergency room.

After trying to cover up the incident, and telling police that the resident merely bumped his head, the nursing aide finally admitted to the attack. She said she had to work late because the man soiled himself, and she was angry because she worked several jobs and didn’t have much extra time to spend with her child.

Nursing home management at Ludlowe Health Care Center are investigating the incident. A spokeswoman said that the home is in full compliance with all state and federal patient safety regulations.

Another nursing home assault happened in Rochester, New York. This incident involved sexual abuse and the perpetrator faces up to a year in jail.

At the Madonna Meadows Assisted Living Facility, a personal care assistant reportedly sexually abused two of the women that he cared for. The incident happened two years ago, and a