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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Rampant in Arizona

After the tragic death of a resident of a nursing home in Glendale, Arizona, the owner of the facility has been criminally charged with several counts of elder abuse and neglect. The United States has been overtaken by the increasing reports of nursing home abuse and neglect. The horrific allegations made against this nursing home owner will certainly be followed by civil lawsuits by the family of the elderly victim. Our Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys have very extensive experience handling such matters and obtaining the largest possible damage awards for our clients.

Nursing home abuse and neglect manifests itself in many different ways. Primarily within nursing home abuse, there is physical, mental, and sexual abuse. While physical and sexual abuse have always been prevalent, it is reports of mental abuse that have been on the rise. Nursing home neglect leads to litigation when the staff intentionally or unintentionally fails to give the proper care to the residents.

In this particular case, the victim passed away from the culmination of many injuries caused by abuse. Every time the victim’s daughter would visit her mother, she would notice bruises and other marks on her body. Upon one visit, her mother’s wrist was so injured that they took her to the hospital. It was then discovered that the mother’s wrist had been severely fractured. The physicians also discovered the mother was suffering from cuts, deep bruises, and genital lice.

It was determined all of these injuries were the result of nursing home abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, the victim died from a brain hemorrhage that was determined to be specifically caused by the abuse. During the autopsy, the coroner determined her bruises were caused by intentional and repeated punches to the chest. Further, genital lice only arises after a complete failure to bathe oneself and residing in uncleanly environments. These injuries are most certainly preventable and inappropriate, especially in an atmosphere where someone is paying for care that is not being provided.

After the police began to investigate the nursing home, the owner of the facility was arrested and charged with several counts of physical abuse of a vulnerable adult. In addition to the physical abuse, there were allegations of mental abuse as well. This consisted of taking the victim’s canes and walkers when she desperately needed them to get around the facility. These allegations are horrific and will likely result in civil lawsuits for nursing home abuse and neglect and wrongful death.

Most of the increase in reports of nursing home abuse and neglect are the result of cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, causing under staffing issues, which has resulted in often times unintentional neglect. But the abuse in this case is especially heinous. Hopefully, this type of nursing home abuse is not typical. The best chance family members of nursing home residents have to prevent this abuse is research many facilities and visit the residents as often as possible. Studies how that abuse is much less likely to occur when family members visit frequently and are familiar with the nursing home staff.

If you or a family member has or is suffering from nursing home abuse or neglect, you should contact an Illinois attorney immediately. As disappointing as it may be, the reality is that most people in nursing homes will only take extreme precautions to prevent abuse if they are concerned about the massive liability resulting from it. So it is important to make sure these nursing homes pay, if not for you, but to protect other elderly residents.