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New Report Shows Some Illinois Nursing Homes Consistently Fail to Deliver Quality Care

Our Illinois nursing home abuse lawyers recognize that while many nursing homes deliver adequate care to their residents, there are unfortunately still plenty of nursing homes that consistently fail to comply with minimally accepted standards of care. When these standards are not met, residents are at an increased risk for serious abuse and neglect.

According to U.S. News and World Report, although nursing home care is slightly improving overall, there are still some nursing homes that chronically underperform. Problems persist on both a local and national level, such as dirty bed linens and equipment, resident mistreatment and unlicensed staff members caring for residents. Private homes seem to perform even worse than their non-profit counterparts, particularly those owned by large nursing home chains.

The federal government ranks all nursing home and long-term care facilities on its Nursing Home Compare website. The rankings are based on annual inspections that take into account such factors as the amount of time staff members spend with residents and the control measures that are in place at each facility. This type of information is of critical importance to someone trying to determine where to place a loved one in need of care.

Out of 15,700 nursing homes across the country, data shows that at least 5,600 of them have consistently had a one star ranking for the last three years. Some of the lowest performing homes in Illinois include Alden Long Grove Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, All Faith Pavilion, and the Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion. Although these facilities are ranked poorly, they are still held to the same standard of care as the highest-rated nursing homes. Federal regulations require that nursing homes are sufficiently staffed to meet the needs of residents, bed sores are adequately treated, and proper nutrition and hydration is administered.

Medications must also be dispensed appropriately, and a plan must be in place to correct any deficiencies. Nursing homes and long-term care facilities that fail to comply with these standards put residents at risk of serious harm. An experienced nursing home neglect attorney at Pintas & Mullins Law Firm can help those who are injured by lapses in care.

Although some facilities are chronic underperformers, the report also showed that improvements are being made on a larger scale. The percentage of nursing homes receiving four and five stars (the highest ranking possible) rose from 38 percent to 43 percent. Although there is a noticeable gap between the best and worst ranked facilities on the list, it is encouraging that there seems to be a trend towards better quality care. Deciding to place a loved one in long-term care facility is a difficult decision, and it is important that the needs of our most vulnerable seniors are adequately met.

Nursing home residents harmed by instances of abuse and neglect should immediately contact one of our experienced nursing home attorneys immediately in order to protect their legal rights. All nursing homes and long-term care facilities are held to a minimum standard of care, and compensation may be available for those who are harmed by nursing home neglect. The latest news report shows that while the trend is towards better care, there are still far too many facilities consistently putting residents at risk of serious harm. These facilities need to be held accountable in order to protect residents from future harm.