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Illinois Brain Injury Lawsuit Filed Over Brain Lesion Caused by Medical Malpractice

An Illinois medical malpractice victim recently sued her neurologist for failing to recognize excess tissue on her brain. As a result of the defendant’s negligence, the victim’s one-centimeter lesion doubled in size in less than a year. During this period of time, she experienced serious medical problems that should have alerted her doctors to her injury, including double vision, headaches, and loss of memory.

If the brain lesion had been detected in a timely manner, early treatment could have prevented permanent injury. But, as the Madison St. Clair Record reports, the victim’s neurosurgeon negligently failed to recognize the seriousness of the threat. We recognize that some brain lesions can be harmless, depending on their location and size. However, an experienced neurosurgeon should be able to detect warning signs that suggest a more serious injury. Failing to diagnose a medical problem is a common type of medical malpractice case that our personal injury attorneys deal with on a regular basis. Victims of medical mistakes are entitled to damages for permanent disability, medical expenses, and loss of enjoyment of life. Medical errors that lead to brain injuries are inexcusable and negligent doctors and hospitals are liable for the damages they cause.

Brain injuries often result from poor medical care. When warning signs are present, responsible doctors should recognize these problems and promptly diagnose them. Early treatment is critical, because even a slight delay can prevent patients from seeking necessary testing and treatment that could ultimately save their lives. Unfortunately, medical misdiagnoses are a serious problem in our healthcare system, often leading to tragic consequences. Studies show that about 20 percent of all fatal illnesses are misdiagnosed. Doctors must act quickly when medical symptoms are present in order to prevent further harm to their patients. If they fail to do so, the law provides injured patients a remedy.