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Pintas & Mullins Law Firm was founded in 1985 to bring abusive nursing homes to justice, while providing for the needs of the people they harmed. Since then, our Chicago, Illinois-based nursing home abuse law firm has secured millions for clients in all 50 states. We have the resources and skills you need in order to fight against nursing home neglect and elder abuse on behalf of your loved ones.

We work as co-counsel with the nation’s top litigation firms, using our unique knowledge of nursing home and medical malpractice law to fight for our clients passionately and effectively. Our clients expect us to truly act as their counselors, providing the personal and legal support they need in a difficult time.

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Our Firm's Results

We have recovered millions for our clients in over 10,000 cases nationwide. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience with all types of nursing home abuse injuries.

  • $4,290,000

    Settlement for the family of a 44-year-old woman who died from cardiac arrest after staff failed to administer proper and timely tests. Due to multiple communication errors, the woman did not receive the necessary tests to diagnose and treat her condition. Experts concluded she would have survived had she received proper medical attention.

  • $3,200,000

    Settlement for the family of a 54 year old man who walked into a hospital with an infection that was not promptly diagnosed resulting in the loss of the use of his legs. During this hospital stay, he then developed a very large stage IV pressure wound. He became permanently paralyzed, underwent multiple surgeries, was ultimately placed in hospice and died less than a year later.

  • $2,500,000

    Settlement for the family of a newborn baby who was delivered following a uterine rupture. The infant was born with severe brain damage. He never left the hospital or long term care and died about a year and half later.

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Nursing Home Abuse: A Rising Problem

Approximately 1 in 10 Elders Will Experience Some Form of Abuse

As the U.S. population ages and life expectancy continues to climb, this number will also grow—unless abusive practices are exposed and held accountable in court. Nursing home abuse can shorten the lives of the elderly by 300%, robbing them of the peace and dignity that all people are entitled to. Pintas & Mullins is here to fight for victims of nursing home neglect and abuse, providing for the treatment and compensation that your loved ones deserve. Our elderly population is entitled to protection and dignity—it is our job to ensure that they receive it. Read about the types of injury cases we handle.

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